About AYS

Originally, I had this great idea to start a Personal Concierge Service, I thought a great name for it would be At Your Service, because I was thinking of a butler.  I even have a logo for it.  Needless, to say due to my lack of motivation and or distraction by other things, I did not persue this business.  Fast forward to last year, I stumbled upon some very helpful and valueable blogs/websites relating to coupons, saving money, being frugal, etc. and had an aha moment! 

During my conversations with family,  friends and yes, even strangers, I like to pay attention to things they mention that they like or something they are trying to find or learn about.  This is a great way to surprise them (family and friends) with a gift they actually want for a birthday, holiday or just because.  I love to do research (intentionally and unintentionally) for myself as well as for family and friends, then share what I find with them, so I thought I should create a blog/website as a resource for all kinds of hopefully helpful information.  As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed helping others and I feel compelled to do so at times.  I did not fully understand this until one Sunday morning while watching Charles Stanley, I heard him describe me!  It wasn't until my 30's that I FINALLY got what my God given talent is, which is SERVICE!

So I write or blog about things that I hope others will find to be helpful or more importantly to save them time and money!  Even if no one reads this blog, I must get this stuff out of my head!