Getting Started

One of the first steps in couponing that I recommend is to create a free email address to receive newsletters and notices from websites that inform you of coupons, rebates and other specials.  You can create an account with Google or Yahoo, which will help you keep all of your coupon related emails separate from your work or personal email.

Next, I would start signing up for emails and newsletters from your favorite discount, drug and grocery stores, as well as your favorite product websites.  Here is a link to a great resource of company websites.  You should also check on Facebook and Twitter for your favorite products and companies as they often give special codes or coupons if you like or follow them.

In addition to these websites you will want to check in weekly with the main coupon websites (, and  I have added them to my favorites list on my computer for easier access.  Don't forget that a lot of sites are adding coupons to their own websites now and will ONLY accept the internet coupons that are printed from their site.

There are a plethora of blogs and websites devoted to couponing and frugal living that provide detailed information on matching the coupons available with the current sales fliers that come in your Sunday paper.  I will share the ones that I frequent to plan my shopping trips.

Coupon Abbreviations and Terms
Couponing 101