Coupon Booklets for Halloween and beyond!

There are three different Trick or Treat Coupon Booklets that you can pick up at Fast Food Restaurants. Each Booklet costs $1 and contains some great coupons!

McDonald’s Halloween Treats:
(4) Free Small Cone Coupons
(4) Apple Dippers coupons
(4) Free Apple Juice or Milk Jug coupons
Coupons can be used starting Oct 31st by children 12 and under.

The McDonald's located near Shelby High School does not think they will be getting any booklets.

Wendy’s Trick or Treat Gift Book:
(10) Free Jr. FrostyCoupons
Coupons valid between 11/1/09 and 2/1/10.

Burger King’s All Treats, No Tricks Booklet:
(8) Free Value Size Fries Coupons
Coupons valid between 10/01/09 and 12/31/09.

The Burker King near Shelby High School said to check back next week.

I have picked up some books at Wendy's and plan to check with my local McDonald's and Burger King for the other booklets. I use these to had out to the kids in my kids' playschool classes (I only give one coupon per kid, not one booklet per kid).

Thanks to Couponing101 for this information!!! :)