Do You Have Trouble Getting To Sleep???

Here are a few tricks that work for me. They involve either the TV or iPod. I have DirecTV and I will set the "sleep timer" for channel 856 Spa-New Age. I also have downloaded or copied onto my iPod some songs that work well too. The first one I heard about while listening to a local radio station from a caller who said it worked well for his wife. It's called Speed Sleep and you can either purchase a CD or download it. I purchased both CDs and copied them onto my iPod. I'll admit it feels a little corny at first, but it really works. I guess it's the guy's monotone voice. The other trick I found on iTunes from Tylenol. It was under Podcasts and is called Tylenol PM Sleep Better Soothing Sounds Volume 1 & 2. I prefer Volume 1 and it works like a charm!