Toys R Us Trip

I am SO excited to share my shopping trip to Toys R Us this morning!  On Monday I reserved my copy of Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue at Toys R Us.  They are currently offering buy 2 get 1 free on all Hasbro games.  I took 3 $5 off a $19.99 total purchase of Hasbro games coupon that I got off Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes cereal boxes from Ingles.  I also had a $10 coupon off Tinkerbell's new movie and a $5 off any $25 or more purchase.  I went to purchase 9 games and my Tinkerbell DVD.  I need to say that I am glad I read some of the comments on other blogs about couponing at Toys R Us, so I was prepared to respond respectfully and I did.  I had to explain that even with the free board game, my purchases were still over $19.99.  The cashier did not want to do it at first, but said that she would try it and if it did not work, I could not use them.  I said that is fair, but it should work and it did!  Anyway, here is how it all worked out!

Tinkerbell movie - $29.99 - $10 deposit - $10 off from reserving Beauty and the Beast (they were kind enough to let me return my reservation card and purchase it again, so I could use the "coupon") - $10 coupon printed from Disney Movie Rewards, so basically, I got it for $9.99 (I had already paid my deposit, so I did not owe them anything on the movie).  I also had a $5 off $25 purchase (for some reason it is dispersed over all items), which gave me a final total of $9.51 for my Tinkerbell DVD!!!  I got the $10 Toys R Us gift card and also got a FREE Tinkerbell watch in a dome case with the purchase ($9.99 value).

I can go online to Disney Movie Rewards and get a free Tinkerbell charm bracelet and Tinkerbell charm by purchasing the new movie.  There is a $2.85 shipping and handling fee.  These will make great stocking stuffers!

I purchased the following Hasbro games:
Scrabble Junior $15.99 - .78 from $5 off $25 coupon - TOTAL $15.21
Monopoly Junior $15.99 - .78 from $5 off $25 coupon- TOTAL $15.21
Boggle Junior $15.99 - FREE
Twister Hoopla $19.99 - .98 from $5 off $25 coupon- TOTAL $19.01
Sorry $16.99 - FREE
Hullabaloo by Cranium $20.99 - $1.02 from $5 off $25 coupon- TOTAL $19.97
Cootie $9.99 - .48 from $5 off $25 coupon - TOTAL $9.51
Ants in the Pants $9.99- .48 from $5 off $25 coupon - TOTAL $9.51
Don't Spill the Beans $9.99 - FREE

Presale for Beauty and the Beast $5 deposit - when I go to pick up my movie, I will use the $10 off coupon from Disney Movie Rewards and the $10 gift card, so I will only owe $4.99 plus tax!

I am hoping that another $10 coupon off Toy Story 3 will be released before I pick up my reserved copy in November!  If anyone hears about one, PLEASE let me know!  The reservation card offers $10 off another Disney Blu-ray $19.99 or more at the time of pick up of that movie!

Total Spent $85.63
Total Saved $87.96