Walmart Shopping Experience

I just returned from shopping at Walmart to pick up some sunscreen for an upcoming trip to Disney World and the new blu-ray release of Cars and The Incredibles.  I was armed with ad fliers from Best Buy and Target if I needed to price match.  I found both copies that matched my coupons, but The Incredibles was priced at $34.96.  I asked about price matching and the nice guy said that if it was for this week, they would match the price.  So, I took my two copies of each new release along with my sunscreen to check out.  He then started looking at my coupons, which come from Disney.  The wording on the coupon said not to double so he thought that I could not use two of the same coupons for two of the same movies.  I politely said that means that the amount can not be doubled.  I also said that I would be happy to separate them into two transactions.  He called for a manager and we waited.  I was mentally preparing my defense that I am allowed to print two of the same coupons at per IP address and that there are numbers related to my IP address where I can be tracked down and prosecuted if I am doing anything illegal, which I was not!  I bit my tongue and waited.  He finally got frustrated and finished the transaction.  It is very frustrating as a shopper to feel like I am doing something wrong, when I am not.  I follow the rules and don't abuse the process.  There were plenty of copies of the movies, so I was not cleaning the shelves. 

Anyway, I wish there was a position of Coupon Educator that could educate the employees and general public of what is allowed.  I would be happy to share this so the employees and the consumers would not feel frustrated or at war.  We should all be able to shop, get a discount and the business make money and the employee get paid without all the drama.