Coupon Organization (Binder Style)

I recently ordered a binder coupon organizing system and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival!  I have tried several ways to organize my coupons and I am hoping this is the system for me.  I have been in a store, seen a really good deal, but did not have the coupons.  This is very frustrating.  I researched several systems and finally decided on one.  I will post more about the system after getting it and organizing it.  Feel free to share what works best for you!

Here was a helpful article I found at Hot Coupon World.

Option 1  if you decide to place an order, be sure to get a code from RetailMeNot!

Option 2  this option does not include a binder, because I did not like the binder options.  I am interested in a dual binder.  I actually saw a dual binder at Office Max today, but did not like the color.

Option 3  this was another cute option, but I am not looking for cute.