Beth Moore Bible Study - Daniel

One of my goals every year is to read through the Bible.  I have yet to complete this goal, but still "put" it on my list of things to do.  It is overwhelming and I don't always understand what I have read or feel that I have missed some insightful lesson. 

I have meant to write about a Bible Study that I have participated in over the last 10 weeks, yes 10 and there are 2 more left!  It is called Daniel and is lead by Beth Moore and is a 12 week study.  I was not so confident in myself when I started and questioned what I had gotten myself into.  I have to say now that I must have been asleep and that God gave me a huge wake up call during this process and continues to do so.  I have a new fire burning in me to learn more about the Bible.  My faith in and love for God continues to grow daily!  Obviously, I highly recommend this study since it is SO relevant today and it also discusses end time events.  It's very thought provoking.  All I can say is WOW, God is GREAT!!!

A group of ladies from Double Springs Baptist Church will be travelling to Woodstock, Georgia on April 23 to see Beth Moore live in person at her conference called So Long, Insecurity.  Tickets are sold out, but I am including a link here anyway.