Playground Safety Services

We are going to a birthday party in a couple of weeks at Playground Safety Services Warehouse.  I called to get more information since I am trying to plan my daughter's birthday party.  Here is what I found out:

The cost is $100 for 2 hours with a 30 minute set up time before and 30 minute clean up time after.
You can choose to have your party from 10 am 'til 12 pm/11 am 'til 1 pm or 2 pm 'til 4 pm/3 pm 'til 5 pm. 
I was also told that they offer evening party times as well.
You get the Warehouse solely for you and your guests.
There is an inflatible bouncy and an inflatible slide.  You can rent one for an additional $50 or both for $75!