Shopper's Hotline

I am sad to say that this program is ending or rather has ended. I received a letter today indicating that the program has ended effective immediately.

They have referred me to The National Consumer Panel. I have not had an opportunity to check into this yet. If I find anything interesting, I will post it.

Update - I looked into The National Consumer Panel and it is part of The Nielson Company, which I was a member of until they ended my membership due to lack of participation. At the time, I had dial up and had trouble transmitting my information via the internet. Not to mention I had a toddler and an infant, so it was hard to find time much less REMEMBER to do it. I really preferred the Shopper's Hotline program because it automatically transferred the information and I earned MONEY!!! In fact I just redeemed my points for $50 dollars! I will check back before the deadline to redeem points to see if more were added and hopefully, I might have enough for another $10!