Corporate Internet Coupon Policies by Store

Thanks to for compiling this information. Follow the link and look for your local store's internet coupon policy.

I started using internet coupons from, smartsource and redplum as well as the store websites, which use either or smartsource, this year and I am overall pleased with them. My advice is to make sure you have plenty of ink in your printer and that it prints a good quality coupon, so you will not have any issues when trying to scan it. I also prefer to go through the self check out lines at Ingles and Walmart unless I have "free" coupons. However, I did have two and had no problems at Walmart a few weeks ago.

One time at Walmart I did have a cashier call a supervisor over since I had some that were similar, but everything was fine since that supervisor had done the research to understand that they are legit and you can print up to two per person or computer. If the coupon does not scan and some don't, they can choose to either deny them or key/enter them manually. I have had both happen and I rarely get denied. The key, I think, is to be nice, respectful and be prepared. This list will be helpful if you do encounter any questions or concerns from the cashier. Sometimes the cashiers are surprised and grateful for the information about the coupons and plan to get them as well.