Playing Catch Up!

If you could not tell, I am trying to play catch up from being on vacation as well as a break from blogging. I really do enjoy sharing tips, coupons, etc. with everyone. I was on vacation last week at Fripp Island, SC and it is becoming my favorite beach get away! I am not a huge beach fan, mostly due to the humidity and sand. I am more of a pool girl! I tried to be a trooper and go with my husband and children who love it! Well, the kids LOVE the water, even if it's a mud puddle! :)

I HIGHLY recommend Fripp Island because it is a great family friendly place. It is not commercialized like many other beaches and it is a more affordable resort! I tell people that it is like being at Kiawah, but not as expensive. They have so many things to do (for all family members), especially during the Summer! I however, enjoyed the less humid, less crowded week while we were there.

I have so many coupons to go through as a result of my time off. My mom and I picked up three papers while at Fripp and they had some great coupons that I look forward to getting to soon. I was not able to get online, so I was unplugged for a whole week! I survived, but hate that I missed out on some deals!