Updates on Freebies

For those of you who requested a Nestle calendar with coupons, I received mine in the mail today. So if you haven't already received yours, it should be coming soon.

I also received another calendar with coupons from Nabisco just the other day!

I have requested quite a few freebies from various sources and it is nice to get a little surprise from time to time in the mailbox!

I highly recommend visiting Walmart.com, Shop4Freebies.com, as well as any of the other blogs that I follow. There are so many great resources out there, it's just finding and taking the time to search, fill out the request forms and then waiting on the goodies to arrive! Don't forget to go to your favorite products websites to sign up for newsletters. You can also look on the sites for promotions, specials and coupons tabs to find coupons.